Join us in Iceland on a creative summer journey

There are so many creative ideas that take place during summer time. Some of them people all ready put into action others need time to prepare, plant the seeds, adjust the environment and establish network to make the ideas work in the real world. Why do so many ideas take place in summer time? My suggestion is based on the fact that in Europe the day light is longer and people in general spend more time outside. Taking walks, travelling, going on holiday. Enjoying long sunsets in the evening. There is something mesmerizing with watching the sun go down. The pink, orange and red colors of sun rays kissing the horizon of planet Earth. Light enriches the Chi energy of all living beings. Grounding yourself by practice Qi Gong outdoors on a energetic lava field. Receiving guided meditation during the midnight sun on the Reykjanes Peninsula or during your trip to the Golden Circle. Creating stable health and creative spirit. Send us email for your personal and tailor made spiritual trip in Iceland this summer 2016. email: spiritualjourneyiceland@gmail.comIMG_20160327_1557261