Astrology & Tarot Reading

Astrology & Tarot Reading by Halla

Halla uses the science of Astrology combined with her special spiritual gift of seeing and feeling things, to tune into your unique situation. She studies your personal chart to view aspects and transits so that she can give you what she calls a ‘weather forecast’ for the immediate future and the slightly longer term. It is her mission to prepare you for both ‘sunny and stormy weather’ so that you transform your life in a way to reach your potential, achieve greater success, manifest your deepest desires and live the life of your dreams.

When you need a simple, straight-forward answer and advice on something which is yet to come instead of
endless predictions on who, what, where, when and why, sit down with Halla or book a session with her online via Skype and find out the answer through the Astrology and Tarot card reading. The outcome will help you to anticipate future events better.

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Price: 125 US$ 50 min session

Who is Halla the astrology and tarot reader?

My interest in astrology began in my twenties. I discovered how the chart readings could tap into peoples hidden potential. Thus boosting self esteem, building self confidence and improving personal relationships. It is amazing how the stars are able to reveal weaknesses as well as strengths.

I met a clairvoyant woman, back in 1995 when I was living in Seattle. She was looking for an astrology and tarot reader to replace her occasionally on a psychic line, I had never even heard of a psychic line but decided to give it a try. This was my introduction to online readings. In the past, I had always done readings in the presence of people.

Throughout my journey in life, I have taken every opportunity to enrich my self development. I’ve studied many types of holistic healing methods including Bowen technique, Hypnosis, and Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage therapy. I’ve also become a Reiki master.

In 2009, I experienced a major turning,point in my life. I suffered my third miscarriage, and on that same day, I was fired from my job. Only two weeks later, my partner left me. I was devastated and felt this was the end of my life. During my isolated grief and mourning period, I said to myself I have nothing left to lose. I found the courage to fulfill my purpose in life, becoming a healer and an Astrology reader as my main profession.

Now, two decades later, I am back online as an astrology reader. My purpose and contribution to the world is to strengthen confidence in others. I will show you how to deepen your self knowledge, thus guiding you to beautiful self healing and clarity. This will open the gateway to discovering your own purpose in life.

I look forward to looking into your stars. Together we can improve your self image, build your confidence, increase your success, nurture your relationships with others, and create more happiness within you.

Please drop Halla a line if you are interested in having  your astrology chart or tarot reading done by her, Thank you . Book a sessing via email:
Price: 125 US$ 50 min session


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