Our Tour Guide Halla

Your Tour Guide Halla Moon

Our Tour Guide Halla

Halla is an certified tour guide, independent, multilingual, intuitive woman who uses the power of the pristine Icelandic nature and energy to connect the tourist with their own healing power. During your tour with Halla, she will weave for the travelers the natural sources of Iceland with spiritual methods such as meditation, Reiki healing, Chakra balancing, Qi Gong and shamanic drumming to help travelers to discover and work with their strengths and weaknesses to find the self-confidence to create and live the life of their dreams. 

Halla was born in Reykjavik in Iceland, the world’s northernmost capital. Halla is a world traveler who has already visited 61 country. She has been working in the tourism industry since 1997. She sometimes works as a tour guide overseas in Thailand, Bali, Cambodia, Singapore and Laos. Halla also works as a therapist both privately upon a request and in high end spa´s such as Chiva Som,  Six Senses, Lifeco, Sunset Pearl and many more offering Chi Nei Tsang belly massage, Reiki healing, Chakra Balancing, Astrology Reading, Hypnosis therapy and Bowen treatment.

Today Halla uses the science of Astrology combined with her special spiritual gift of seeing and feeling things, to tune into your unique situation. She studies your personal chart to view aspects and transits so that she can give you what she calls a ‘weather forecast’ for the immediate future and the slightly longer term.  It is her mission to prepare you for both ‘sunny and stormy weather’ so that you transform your life in a way to reach your potential, achieve greater success, manifest your deepest desires and live the life of your dreams.

In addition to Astrology Halla has studied many holistic healing methods which she also practices with clients when appropriated. Including Bowen technique, Hypnosis, Chei Nei Tsang belly massage. She is also a Reiki master and teaches meditation. She has an insatiable wanderlust and desire to love everyone equally and make the world a better place. . She never stops learning and broadening her horizons.

Clients love to come back to Halla for real result and Halla travels around the world offering private retreats as well as working in high end well known spa´s destinations such as Chiva-Som in Hua Hin Thailand. Six Senses spa, Jumereiah spa in Bolifushi in the Maldives, Lifeco Detox center in Bodrum in Turkey, Sunset Pearl in Saudi Arabia just to name few.

logo8Spiritual Journey is a day & evening trip company with main focus on using the Icelandic nature and pristine energy  in combination with spiritual activities performed outdoors. The tours Spiritual Journey offers are made to assist clients/travelers to discover and work with their strengths and weaknesses to find the self-confidence to create and live the life of their dreams. Clients can also book special made tailor trips. Send us email and we are happy to design a healing spiritual journey with you in the magical Iceland.


HALLA LIVE ON SKYPE is not automated astrology! It is a one on one life changing interaction that will propel you into the future with courage and insight. Skype address halla.himintungl