Book Abdominal Massage with Halla

Book adbominal massage
Price: 12,000 ISK 50 minutes

This massage is extremely beneficial for the body and therapeutic for the mind.
Since digestive problems can be the result of stress, anxiety, grief, rejection, worries and other emotional entanglement. Massaging the abdomen offers support to digestion and relieving stress and other emotional attachment to encourage healthy intestinal function. Stomach massage not only helps relieve emotional luggage. It becomes a great aid to dislodge and stir up toxins. The belly massage also treats oxygen circulation via blood in necessary areas and other bodily fluids to flow, ensuring the body secrets enough enzymes for clearing bowels and friction between joints and bones.
The main benefits from abdominal massage are following:

• Stimulates the body‘s natural detoxification process
• Helps dislodge built up fecal matter from intestinal walls
• Releases bloated stomach
• Releases emotional tension
• Increases blood flow within the abdomen to increase oxygen to the organs
• Increases inner happiness

Why should you get a abdominal massage?
The abdominal massage is a wonderful act to detoxify your inner organs such as the liver, stomach, small intestine and the colon.
The massage is also a very gentle and loving inner spiritual journey where it connects the receiver deeper into the main core matters of heart and soul. It enables the receiver to let go of emotional burden and switch on to exhilarating creativity, love and affection, inner balance.

Book abdominal massage session with Halla by sending her email:
Price: 12,000 ISK 50 minutes

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